Not only Huawei has a problem through Trump's decision. This is also a problem for Google and the entire industry

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  • Published On: May 21, 2019, 05:25
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It is true that Huawei is in serious trouble. Only those who think that only he is wrong. Hard times are experiencing more companies than the Chinese giant and Google.

As a result of the regulation issued by Donald Trump, Google suspended cooperation with Huawei . However, one must bear in mind that Google has become an executioner not of his own volition.

Google on Huawei: "We comply with the order"

In a laconic statement sent to us by Google, the company emphasizes that only "applies to the order and analyzes its consequences".

It is clear, however, that the suspension of cooperation with one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world is not at hand to Google. And it's not just that it has been cut off from the benefits of licensing services to an important partner.

This is a clear signal for the entire market that the signature of one man can ruin a business built over the years

In my opinion, Donald Trump may, by his decision, destroy the image of Google as a serious business partner. This was presented as a company that does not have full control over its own products.

Today, Huawei (along with the Honor sub-brand) is in the pinch, but who will give other companies confidence that they can feel safe? Especially giants from China, and remember that from China comes three of the five largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Xiaomi or OPPO also have cause for concern.

This is a big image problem for Google and Android also from the point of view of consumers. Because will not there be customers who - seeing what's happening in the world of Google - for the peace of mind next time they just choose iOS?

On the other hand, changes can also have an adverse effect on Apple. It is not difficult to imagine revenge on the part of the Chinese board, which may result in, for example, a ban on the production of iPhones in China.

Unless Google has an emergency plan

I will not be surprised if Google finds a way to maintain cooperation with partners within the law. One possible scenario that comes to my mind is the development of twin services outside the US that could be licensed as a non-US company.

Android Tweet

The matter is developing, and all consequences - as Google convinces - are only being analyzed.

Collaboration with Huawei is also limited by other American companies, including Qualcomm

Remember that Trump's regulation does not apply to Google, but to all American companies cooperating with Huawei.

According to Bloomberg, companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and Xilinx were also forced to suspend cooperation with Huawe. The next one can be Microsoft.

Huawei has thus been cut off not only from Android and Google services, but also US components and technologies. For years, the company has been developing and utilizing the original Kirin systems in its smartphones, so cutting off from the Snapdragon will probably be a lot less painful than having to give up Google services.