Not just Galaxy Fold. The premiere of Huawei Mate X has also been postponed

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  • Published On: June 17, 2019, 06:15
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The revolution will not take place on the scheduled date. Another folded smartphone is expected to hit the market with a long delay.

Recall that through the problems with the display , Samsung had to move planned for the end of April sales start Galaxy Folda . Initially, it was said about July, but - according to the representative of Samsung quoted by Korea Herald - there is no chance for that. So it turns out that the Korean warehouse will land in stores at the earliest in August.

Huawei should therefore rub his hands and - using the perfect opportunity - conquer the market with his Mate X , right? Well, here's the problem ...

Huawei Mate X will not appear on time. Reason? Foldable screen

Mr Huawei, Vincent Peng, senior vice president announced the delay, as reported by the Wall Street Journal . The company is currently looking to "improve the quality of the folding screen".

Huawei Mate X is expected to hit the market in September

Current plans assume the introduction of Mate X to the market in September . According to the original assumptions, the sale was to start in June.

It is not clear whether and which technical problems were detected during the last tests. Perhaps nothing bad is happening, but the Chinese - seeing the problems with Galaxy Fold - simply improve the product to minimize the risk of malfunctions.

Vincent Peng also ensures that the postponement of the premiere is not related to the sanctions imposed by the US . Admittedly, talks about licenses for Google applications are still to be conducted, but in the home market of Huawei, the services of the American giant have never been preinstalled on phones ever.

Anyway, for the Chinese to postpone the premiere means nothing more than wasting the perfect opportunity to overtake the rival in such an important race.

It does not look good

It is worth recalling that Samsung's first public screen displays of Samsung screens were held in 2008. It may have seemed then that the revolution is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, after 11 years the technology is still so unstable that none of the major players is able to deliver the finished product within the set deadline.

Are these just childhood diseases that manufacturers will be able to deal with quickly? May. For now, however, the future of folders is not drawn in bright colors.


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I love reading through your site. thnx!