Huawei system there are new news. In the meantime, Google stands in his defense

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  • Published On: June 10, 2019, 05:28
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There are speculations about Huawei's plans related to the proprietary operating system that will go to the giant's smartphones. However, Google is struggling to provide software to the manufacturer.

Some time ago, Huawei's applications regarding the award of the "Ark OS" trademark appeared at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) . The Chinese Global Times , however, indicates that the giant's proprietary platform may have a different name.

Huawei HongMeng OS in China, and globally - Oak OS

The latest report prepared by the service concerns the system on which Huawei has been working for many years . Producer after cutting off from Google services will present a platform that will have different names in different markets:

  • HongMeng OS is a designation chosen for China;
  • Oak OS is the name that the company has to use globally.

This information was confirmed by a source well oriented in the company's plans. The service adds to the fact that Richard Yu (the head of the Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group) announced the presentation of the platform in the autumn of 2019.

The report indicates that it may be introduced in August or September, so it is certain that much will be clarified in the third quarter of the year. Now you can expect that the OS is based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project), and the main (only?) App store will be Huawaia App Gallery.

Huawei App Gallery

Works on the new platform are not to affect the users of already available devices , which Huawei clearly communicates. You can always use Google's services and can expect Android updates (new security patches and subsequent releases of the platform).

Google is struggling with the US government to cooperate with Huawei

The secret is not that the end of cooperation with the Chinese is not good for the Mountain View company . This is connected not only with financial losses, but also with the loss of an important partner who is rapidly helping to popularize Android and its development.

The search giant will therefore push the US government to continue to cooperate with Huawei, as reported by the Financial Times . He points out that Android modified by Huawei may be more susceptible to attacks from outside - a threat not only from China, but also from other countries.

The best solution is to be top-down taking care of Google's platform security. For this purpose, the company must have the opportunity to cooperate with Huawe. The more so that if Oak OS proved successful, other Chinese companies could take a similar path.

It can not be ruled out that Google will be able to persuade the US government to - at least partially - repeal the ban.