LG Mobiles

LG Electronics Inc Formed in 1958, LG Electronics, Inc. (LG) is a world leader and developer of innovative technologies in the market of consumer electronics, household appliances and mobile communications, with more than 120 enterprises in 95 countries, employing more than 90,000 people.

LG is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones As a world leader in electronics and information technology, LG Electronics is actively investing in research and design projects. It was LG that launched Korea’s first radio, refrigerator, black and white TV, air conditioning and washing machine.LG Electronics strives to attract the best employees, providing professional growth opportunities for experienced workers and promising young people.

Mobile communications LG is a leading mobile phone manufacturer. LG creates mobile phones that combine usability, advanced technology and innovative design, and makes them accessible to customers around the world. With advanced wireless solutions, LG is rapidly expanding its reach and global market share.